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ADMC orders 52 Sabrewing Aircraft air cargo drones – Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

The Arabian Development and Marketing Corp. (ADMC) has ordered 52 Sabrewing Aircraft Co. Inc. heavy-lift cargo uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs). This marks the third contract with Arabian Development & Marketing Co. brings total orders to more than $988 million. The purchase follows the Sabrewing Rhaegal-A (Alpha) aircraft’s September flight with 829 lb. (374kg) of payload […]

Higher Payload and Lower Costs Could Transform Air Freight | FutureFlight

Uncrewed air vehicles promising a trifecta of four-digit payload and range plus markedly lower operating costs compared with fixed-wing aircraft carry the potential to significantly reshape the air freight business. Sabrewing is in pursuit of this Holy Grail with its hybrid-electric Rhaegal design and now the California-based company is looking to further boost performance with […]