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    Rhaegal CAV

Rhaegal RG-1

The Rhaegal is a new generation of regional cargo UAV that offers high-efficiency, all-weather operation with vertical landing and takeoff (VTOL) capabilities. It carries a VTOL payload of up to 5,400 lbs / 2,455 kg over a distance of 1000 nm / 1850 km with a cruise speed of 200 knots / 370 kph. The cargo bay is easily accessed through the nose and can carry LD-1, LD-2 or LD-3 cargo containers or bulk cargo using a convertible roller floor, establishing the Rhaegal as an advanced, versatile and efficient air cargo solution.



No runway required

Vertical landing and takeoff with pinpoint accuracy.


The Rhaegal can operate day or night in extreme weather conditions.

Easy to maintain

No special training, parts or fuel needed. Simple to maintain with a high mission capability rate.

Cargo accessibility

Nose entry cargo bay is easily accessible from the ground and doesn’t require special loading equipment.

High efficiency

The turbo-electric powertrain is extremely fuel effecient and doesn’t require a charging station.

Folding wings

Automatic collapsible wings allow for easy ground transport and storage.


Service Entry Year2022
Wingspan17 m / 55.8 ft
Length14.6 m / 47.9 ft
Height4.6 m / 15.1 ft
Cargo Containers(1) LD-1, (2) LD-2, (1) LD-3
Turbine modelSafran Ardiden 3
Turbine Power, Max Takeoff (5 Min)1408 kW / 1890 hp
Turbine power, max continuous1237 kW / 1660 hp
Fuel Consumption, Cruise
99 kg / 219 pph
Fuel typeJet-A, JP-8, DF-2
Hover, 2 min, 95°F/6000 ft altCompliant
Max Thrust47.3 kN / 10,642 lbsf


Max Gross Weight – VTOL4016 kg / 8836 lbs
Max Gross Weight – CTOL6257 kg / 13765 lbs
Std. Empty Weight – Zero Fuel1090 kg / 2399 lbs
Max VTOL Landing Weight4016 kg / 8836 lbs
Max Payload Weight, VTOL2454 kg / 5400 lbs
Payload Weight, CTOL4545 kg / 10000 lbs
Fuel Capacity421 L / 204 gal
Internal Cargo Volume16 cu.m / 570 cu.ft


Speed, VNE445 kph / 240 KTAS
Max cruise speed (22,000 ft)407 kph / 220 KTAS
Cruise Speed, (@25%, 22,000 feet)333 kph / 180 KTAS
Best RoC, VTOL (@10,000 feet)1676 mpm / 5500 fpm
Takeoff Run, Max VTOL Payload0 m / 0 ft
Takeoff Run, Max CTOL Payload914 m / 3000 ft