The Sabrewing Team

Oliver Garrow, CoFounder & CTO

Oliver's reputation in the UAV and RC world is impeccable. He is a multi-discipline engineer in composites, mechanical, aerospace, electronics, aircraft design, flight sim and flight test. He started work on his first design over 15 years ago, building the first of what would be many innovative designs. From ducted fans to box wings to tilt-wings. Oliver has built and demonstrated over 12 drones in the last 13 years, and has several patents in the field of unmanned aircraft. Oliver's experience includes extensive wind tunnel tests at NASA Ames, UAV flight test at Moffett Field, California and Crows Landing in Central California. Oliver has a MS in Computer Science from ENSEA-Paris and a BS in Electrical Engineering UPS-Toulouse (France). Oliver and Ed, co-founders of Sabrewing Aircraft, have been working together on a long-distance UAV since 2014.

Ed De Reyes, CoFounder & COO


Ed is a serial entrepreneur and inventor, with several patents and patents-pending to his name. Several of the key technologies that Ed has developed are directly related to the field of aviation - including a patent for a unique nitrogen-power turbine engine that does not combust any fuel at all. When he's not working on the Challenge, Ed is an experimental test pilot for several companies, and is also the chief technology officer for a carbon capture and storage start-up based on technology that he invented. Ed has a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Aerospace Engineering, and has design, test and integration experience in aircraft propulsion, avionics, flight dynamics and VTOL flight test. Ed's experience includes FAA aircraft certification, and UAV experience  as far back as 1980 on the BGM-109 Cruise Missile.

Consultant Team

Dr. Jonathan Geske, Attollo Engineering

Sense-And-Avoid Consultant

Dr. Geske is a noted authority in the field of diode lasers, range finders and designators. Dr. Geske is VP of Engineering at Attollo.

Dr. Geske's expertise in rangefinders and other laser devices have been lauded by such companies as FLIR and such organizations as NASA.

Dr. Geske is also a multi-engine rated pilot.

Michael Jacobs,

Sr. Flight Operations Consultant

If you saw the Red Bull Stratos event, you saw Mike - where he served as the flight director during the televised events and all the lead-up jumps. Mike's background in aerospace goes back over 35 years - and has worked on all types of UAV/UAS projects in industry.